Hey all you horny guys and girls, I am so excited to have my own site and look forward to teasing you all inside. My name is Vicky Heart, 19 years naughty, and a sultry half Italian half English sultry brunette... they say blondes have more fun, but I beg to differ ! Inside my site you will see loads of pics and videos of me being a bad girl, I am very sexual and love to use my body to make both men and women horny, I hope I can do the same for you ! You will see pics and video of me playing with my girlfriends as well, got to love playing with another girl ! So come inside and let me be your naughty brunette fantasy - Love Vicky Heart xoxo

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Pink Fluffy

I like to get dressed up in sexy girly clothes, and this little pink fluffy number is so naughty, I even got some fishnet stockings and a cute pink whip to play with ! Made me feel like such a bad girl, I need someone to whip, any volunteers ?

Vicky Cate Harrington School Girls

Me and my naughty porn star mate Cate Harrington dressed up as cute school girls, we've been good girls honestly ! Well if being naughty with each other is good that is, I love kissing and playing with another girl, especially one as horny as Cate !

Naughty Nurse

I love this red nurses uniform, dont you reckon I would make your pulse race in it ? I think I could make you feel a whole lot better if I was your personal naughty nurse, I could always give you a nice bed bath, or maybe just climb in your bed and snuggle up !

Vicky Chesney Pinstripe Lingerie

Me and my big boobed blonde mate Chesney decide to have some girl girl fun, I loved playing with her boobs, made me so horny ! And of course you cant beat kissing a hot girl, what's the expression I kissed a girl and I really fucking liked it !

School Girl

Another chance for me to dress up as a naughty school girl, I love the tartan uniform, I know I would of been a really naughty girl in it ! I would of definitely teased the boys, girls and even the teachers in it ! Well I do love love older guys he he !

Vicky Cate Harrington Creamed

Another naughty encounter with me and my porn girlfriend Cate Harrington, I cum up with the idea of using this yummy cream drink to cover each other with, which of course was just an excuse for me to lick her amazing tits ! Of course you can imagine it to be what ever you like lol !

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